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Role based access to QuickLaunch links

Posted by Brian Gough on June 1, 2007

Problem: I would like the links on my Quick Launch bar to be role sensitive so users only see links to SharePoint content they are allowed to see. For example.. say I have a Document Lib that I only want a specific Group/User to see. I want the link to the Doc lib to only be visible to that Group/User.

Solution: Obviously you first need to make sure the permissions are set up correctly for the list or library. Second, you need to make sure the link is being added to the Quick launch via the list settings properties and not by editing the Quick Launch list yourself.

Here is a quick look at how to set this up….

Lets say I want the link ‘Manage Opportunities’ to be role based.

Setting up Permissions
Access the settings for the list or library, then click ‘Permissions for this document Library” ( or list )

Adjust the permissions as needed.

Next, you need to make sure that the list/lib is being displayed on the Quick Launch via tthe lists property settings. Meaning someone did not just add it to the quick launch themselves, but instead did so through the list/lib settings.

Access the list/lib settings. Then under General Settings, click on ‘Title, description and navigation’.

Make sure the radio button labeled ‘Yes’ to display the list/lib on the Quick launch is selected.

This will add a link to the list/lib to the Quick Launch list.

If you open the Quick Launch list and edit the related link, it should look something like this. Notice the Web address is ‘greyed out’. If it is not ‘greyed out’ then the item was not be added via the list settings and will not be rendered based on the users role.

Now, when the Quick Launch is rendered, it will be role based.

This shows what it looks like to a user that does not have rights to see that document library.

Naturally, this only works for SharePoint content. If you edit the Quick Launch list yourself to add your own links to external content or even internal content, then the role based security will not have an affect.

I hope this helps.

Good luck and good coding.


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