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Great Meeting

Posted by Brian Gough on June 15, 2007

The new Charlotte SharePoint User Group held our 2nd meeting ever and it was a great one ( IMHO ). We had about 40+ people show up. They represented a range of interests from basic users to super developers and administrators. A big thanks to National Gypsum for allowing us to use their new conference room for the meeting. We had great presentations from Cliff Green (US Partner Services, Microsoft Corporation) and Jamie Rance from RDA Corporation.

Cliff really wet our whistle with some information on Features, event receivers and deploying solutions. Then Jamie really wowed us by demonstrating the real power of Features. Awesome stuff! If you have not started to use Features with SharePoint 2007, you seriously need to dive into it head first! Don’t worry about hitting bottom as that pool is REAL deep!

If any of you are in the Charlotte area and interested in participating in the meetings, our next one is in August 2007. I hope we will start getting the groups site built out and rolling soon, so check us out often as it should start changing any day now.

Good luck and good coding!


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