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DevBash 2007!

Posted by Brian Gough on August 19, 2007

Since this was the first of its kind, you probably don’t know what a DevBash is so…. The best way to describe it would be to quote Brian Hitney, “DevBash is CodeCamp without those pesky little presentations.”. Basically it was a nice picnic style outing, hosted by Microsoft, where the User Group Leaders from the region, and their families could get together and mingle. Brian Hitney, Doug Turnure and Glen Gordon were our hosts. There were games to play, a pool for swimming, an X-box for the kids ( or kids at heart ) and a ton of food! Doug showed his prowess at playing badminton in the “Statue” style( flat footed and not moving those legs at all). Glen Gordon taught a few of us a lesson in X-box games. Maybe we should try for an X-Box MVP? Hmmmmm Brian Hitney was a great host, as were they all. There was a lot of networking, eating, exchanging ideas, eating, playing, eating, helping out fellow geeks, and of course, eating. Did I mention there was a lot of food?

Lou Vega and his family were recognized as travelling the farthest to attend. Lou helps run the Charleston, SC group and they made the trek to Winston-Salem, NC! Now that’s commitment!

Anyway, it was a great time , everyone said they really enjoyed it. I for one, hope there are more events like this and maybe more spouses and families will start to show up.

Thank you Brian, Doug and Glen for a good time with good people!

Brian Gough


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