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Problems after loading Office 2007

Posted by Brian Gough on September 16, 2007

There can be a variety of issues after loading Office 2007 on some machines. The issues usually do not occur unless you have older versions of Office products AND Office 2007 installed.

One problem might manifest itself as IE closing down when you click the link for an Office Document in a SharePoint site. Sometimes it also happens when you select “Edit…” from the dropdown list for the document, but I know of instances when this worked while clicking the link itself did not.

If you encounter this issue you can try reloading Office 2007. This works in most cases.

Your other option is to run the Office Diagnostics tool. This option has yet to fail me. Works every time. ( so far <grin>)

-Open Word 2007
-Click on the Office button in the upper left corner to see options.
-Click on ‘Word Options’ found at the bottom of the window.
-Click on ‘resources’
-Click the ‘diagnose’ button in the ‘run Microsoft office diagnostics’ section
This may take 10-15 minutes to run. When complete, you should see a note for the final step stating that is found and repaired at least one item. You should now be able to click the links for documents and use the drop-down menus to open your documents.

This may also help in the situation I describe in the post titled “WSS 2.0 – ‘Upload multiple files…’ link missing“.

Hope this helps!



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