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Backseat driving with Michael Gannotti!

Posted by Brian Gough on April 30, 2009

I had the opportunity to hang out with Michael Gannotti at the Microsoft Connections conference in Charlotte. While we were solving the world’s problems via SharePoint, we decided to throw a curve into his usual Backseat Driving videos and actually BE in the backseat!

Dan Lewis and I both got give a quick little talk while Michael Chauffeured us around. It was great time, and I hope the attendees appreciated the content and got a lot out of the conference.

Here is the video in case you care….

Thanks for the ride Mike!! See you at SharePoint Saturday!!


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Microsoft SharePoint “14” is now Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Posted by Brian Gough on April 15, 2009

The next release of SharePoint has been announced. Apparently the product groups blog server has been getting hammered, so I am offering it here for you to read straight from the horses mouth, as it were. J


You have probably seen the news announcement today where we announced the public beta for the new Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. As part of that announcement, we also talked about some of the names for the “14” wave of products including Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. I wanted to answer some questions that I think will inevitably pop to the top of your mind:

What happened to the Office piece of the name? We love MOSS. . . .

The first thing you’ll notice is that the MOSS acronym goes away with the new name since Office is no longer in the SharePoint official name. No one should worry that SharePoint doesn’t work great with Office 2010 since we removed Office from the name, just like people didn’t worry whether SharePoint was a great portal product when we removed Portal from the 2007 name.

The primary reason why we took Office out of the name – lots of folks associate the name Office with the Office client. We wanted to take the opportunity to reestablish the Office name and brand to be synonymous with the client suite. I say “Give the people what they Want” so everyone should immediately think of Microsoft Office = Office apps.

Don’t try to acronym Microsoft SharePoint Server to MSS since MSS is already taken by Microsoft Search Server. Just remember, SharePoint is SharePoint is SharePoint.

What about Windows SharePoint Services?

When you read through the announcement, you may be wondering what happened to Windows SharePoint Services. While we didn’t announcement anything new for WSS, and I want to assure you that we’re definitely working on a new v4 version of the product. It’s too early to drill into any of the details but WSS is getting a lot of new features and will be a great release. We’ll talk more about WSS at a later date.

So, what was announced?

Here are my key takeaways from the interview with Chris Capossela:

• Exchange 2010 will lead the way for the 2010 (previously referred by its codename “14”) wave of technologies and it will be available in the second half of 2009. You can download a beta today.

• Using Office Web applications, customers will be able to create, edit and collaborate on Office documents through a browser.

• IT professionals will be able to choose to either deploy and manage on-premises or hosted as a service.

• For developers, we are working on Open APIs, deep support for industry standards and developer tool support with Visual Studio 2010.

You can read the entire interview here.

Thomas Rizzo
Sr. Director

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SharePoint Designer is now a free download

Posted by Brian Gough on April 2, 2009

Here is what Microsoft is releasing about SharePoint Designer becoming a free download….



SharePoint Designer 2007
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Licensing Changes
April 2, 2009


         Customers tell us that a significant part of the customization capabilities of SharePoint Designer 2007 are seen as an extension of what SharePoint already does.

         In order to continue promoting custom solutions built on SharePoint, and based on this customer feedback, we are making SharePoint Designer 2007 available as a free download starting on April 2, 2009.

         Customers on active Software Assurance as of April 1, 2009 will get rights to Expression Web.


1.        What is Microsoft announcing?
One of the key aspects of the SharePoint value proposition is its ability to support customized solutions built on our platform. Our strategy is to facilitate the creation of these customizations and allow our customers to make the most of their overall investments in SharePoint. In addition, we hear more and more that customers want to be able to create dynamic web sites on SharePoint. Based on this feedback from our customers, we are making SharePoint Designer 2007 available as a free download starting on April 2, 2009.  To “make it right” with our Software Assurance (SA) customers, those customers on Software Assurance for SharePoint Designer 2007 as of April 1, 2009, will be granted rights to Expression Web.

2.        What exactly are “SharePoint customizations” and why are they important to Microsoft’s strategic direction?
Our different SharePoint server offerings provide a number of capabilities that can help improve organizational effectiveness through comprehensive content management and enterprise search, support for shared business processes and workflows, and capabilities for information-sharing and better business insight, across intranet, extranet, and internet-facing applications, all within one platform. SharePoint customizations include sophisticated no-code solutions such as Data Views, reports, and workflow tracking built by our customers quickly and easily using menus, task panes, and templates. In addition, our platform provides IT professionals and developers with the building blocks and tools for interoperability and extensibility that they need to build customized business solutions on SharePoint.

3.        What is the value of this to me as a customer?
SharePoint delivers great out-of-the-box functionality. However, the majority of our customers use SharePoint to create custom portal solutions, extranets and intranets, internet-facing sites, collaboration solutions, social networking sites, business processes, and internal applications on top of the extensive capabilities of SharePoint to fulfill their specific business needs. In addition, through SharePoint customizations, customers can integrate and extend their existing enterprise applications to improve the productivity of an organization, increase its agility, and to obtain higher returns on these application investments.

4.        Is this product change in reaction to our competitors or other external circumstances, such as the current economy?

As part of Microsoft’s regular strategy reviews, we consulted with many of our customers. Their feedback consistently stressed the value of SharePoint customizations for their business. They also expressed to us how many of the capabilities of SharePoint Designer are seen as “natural” capabilities of SharePoint.

5.        What are they key things I should know as a customer?
You should know the following:

o    Our strategy is to ensure that customers create more and more customizations on SharePoint. We want customers to see the value of SharePoint Designer through their overall investment in SharePoint, and we want to continue helping our customers create dynamic and sophisticated user experiences in SharePoint.

o    SharePoint Designer will be available as a free download starting on April 2, 2009.

o    Customers should not be purchasing any more licenses of SharePoint Designer, but instead download the product for free at our site (

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Another successful Code Camp!

Posted by Brian Gough on April 1, 2009

Well Spring is here and another Code Camp has come and gone. Once again the Enterprise Developers Guild has out done itself. We had 200 attendees this past Saturday, March 28th. This year the event was held at the Levine Campus of Central Piedmont Community College ( CPCC ). The facilities were great and the staff supporting us there were wonderful. Mark Wilson, the main VP of the Guild, did an outstanding job of putting this together and making miracles happen. We ran 5 tracks this year including mobile development, both iPhone and Win Mobile, a “day job” track for day to day skills, a Portal track that included SharePoint, of course. The SharePoint sessions were overflowing each time. I think we will plan for a larger room next time! J

Code Camps are always free to our attendees. Thanks to our sponsors we were able to keep the masses well feed and hydrated!

Anyway, if you were able to make it, I hope you got a lot out of it. If you could not make it, keep your eyes on the Guilds website because we are planning a surprise for this fall!!


Stay tuned!

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SharePoint Saturday coming to Charlotte!

Posted by Brian Gough on April 1, 2009

SharePoint Saturday is an event that is sweeping the country. There have already been hugely successful events in Boston, Kentucky, Virginia Beach and many other locations. Well, now it is Charlottes turn!

Dan Lewis, myself and a host of others are working hard to get this event wrapped up. Keep your eyes on the SharePoint Saturday web site, for updates and more information. Charlotte is not listed there yet, but it will be soon. We have just confirmed the date for June 20th. The location will be the Microsoft complex off of Arrowwood Road.

Stay tuned for more information on this great SharePoint event!

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