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Workflow whoas… er… woes..

Posted by Brian Gough on September 1, 2009

It has been a long time since I have been forced to use the Out Of the Box workflows in MOSS and I am sorry to say, I am a bit un-amused.

Working with a document library, I have major and minor versioning enabled, require approval, and must check out to edit.

Using the OOB ‘Approval’ workflow, I created a workflow that is to be triggered whenever a Major Version is published. This is an option to select when setting up the workflow.

When I edit a document and save it I am presented with the dialog box to choose to save it as a minor or major version. When I save it as a minor version, the WF does not get triggered. Good, this is what I want.

However, when I edit the document and save it, then choose, “Major Version ( publish)”…

…the document is saved in a ‘Pending’ state but the approval workflow I created does not get triggered.

In addition, the context menu option “Publish A Major Version” is no longer available since it is trying to publish a major version and is in a ‘Pending’ state.


So now my document is sitting there waiting to be approved, but the “approvers” are not notified and no tasks assigned because the workflow did not get triggered. Major bummer.

Now, if I save the document as a minor version, then use the context menu option ‘Publish A Major version’, the workflow is triggered properly and runs as expected.

I have tried all kinds of variations, all with the same result. So, the “integration” with Office 2007 is not quite where I think it needs to be.

If anyone knows of a fix to this, I would love to know about it.

I have not found one mentioned in any of my searches.

This is all occurring on build in case you care.




<<< UPDATE >>>

My thanks to Dan Lewis for making this suggestion…

If you enable the workflow to be executed manually by users with Edit rights, the above process works fine.

Now, when the user chooses to publish a major version via Word 2007, they are presented with a dialog box for the workflow properties and it executes just fine.





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