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Tabular view – what tabs?

Posted by Brian Gough on March 19, 2010

The options available when creating custom views has changed in 2010.  They have added some pretty nice options in this release.

One of the changes is the option for ‘Tabular View’.  However, it is something of a misnomer because it does not actually create what the average Joe/Josephine would call a “Tab”.

You see this option when you choose to modify a view.  Here is a look at it when expanded in the ‘Modify View’  page.


As the description explains, this option allows you to take certain action against multiple list items at once by exposing check boxes for each item.  This option is selected by default and gives you the look as shown below.  Below you can see that I checked the box that allows me to select all the items in the current page.  I say ‘current page’ because if you have paging enabled, and are only displaying a subset of the total items, only the items in that current page are selected to take action against.  So think of it as “select all that are visible right now”.  😉



Here is a look at the list when ‘Tabular View’ is not selected.


Notice the check-box to select all the items is not gone, and you don’t have the check box for each individual item either.

I think this is a very nice feature and am glad to see it.



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