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In Line Editing – Niiiiiice…. sorta..

Posted by Brian Gough on March 28, 2010

Another really nice feature that can be activated for individual views, is “InLine Editing”.  This is “off” by default when you create a list or new view.

Here is what the option looks like when you modify a view…


When you turn this on, it will add an new icon to the items.  This icon looks a  lot like the “Edit” icon you are used to seeing in 2007.

See  below…


When  you click on this edit icon, it will place the item into edit mode and you will see on the screen that your fields change from being labels to being a control appropriate for editing its content ( textbox, drop down, multi-line textbox…).  You also see two new icons on the far left;  1 for Save, and 1 for cancel.  The edit icon as well as the save and cancel icons, will appear even if you have not turned on Tabular view ( See Previous Post on Tabular views ).



This can be a much nicer User Experience ( UX ) than always opening up a new dialog window or new page to perform the editing.


Now, good news bad news….  Keep in mind that this is activated at the “VIEW” level.  That means that only the fields included in the view can be edited in this way.

So what you ask??

Here is a scenario for you…  you have a list that has one or more required fields.  You create a view that does not include all or any of the required fields and you activate inline editing for the view.  When a user edits the item or adds a new item, by clicking the green plus sign, image , the only fields that are made available or editable are the ones in the view.  This means you can create a new item and save it without adding any content to the “required” fields, but the item is still saved. Now you have entries in your list that do not have required fields populated with valid data.  To me this is a bad thing.

I hope they will address this before RTM, but you never know.  So watch out for this and be careful how you use it.

Hope this helps.

<< UPDATED 3/30/2010>>

Forgot to mention that in-line editing will  not work when you use the “Preview Pane” style.  I wish it would, but at this time, it does not.




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