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SharePoint Saturday – Charlotte comes to an end… for now

Posted by Brian Gough on April 13, 2010

SharePoint Saturday was held in Charlotte, NC on April 10th and I am happy to day it all went off quite well. 

We had 23 speakers and filled 25 sessions.  Thanks to our sponsors we had some great giveaways including 2, that’s right 2 X-Boxes, a HD Zune, a HD Flip Camera, Office 2007 Ultimate, a bunch of X-Box games and books.

My thanks to all the speakers for their time and efforts.  I also want to thank the volunteers that provided outstanding support for me to be able to make this event as successful as it was…  

Mark Wilson, Syl Walker, and Ghayth Hilal are all officers for the Developers Guild and were invaluable to this event!  Thank you so much, you all Rock!!


Our Speakers!

Mike Oryszak
Ken Price
Steve Pietrek
Christina Wheeler
Parth Patel
Chuck Traywick
Mike Brannon
Ryan van Osdol
Russ Basiura Jr.
Sam Carlson
Paul Telkamp
Bill England
Fabian G. Williams
Kevin Dostalek
Becky Isserman
Brian Jackett
Christian Buckley
Dan Gilroy
Al Himler
Eamonn McGuinness
Josh Carlisle
Bill Jones
Chris McNulty


Our Sponsors!

Central Piedmont Community College
Blue Thread Technologies
ettain Group
O’Reilly Media
Cardinal Solutions

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