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SharePoint Designer – 2010 – New AND Improved

Posted by Brian Gough on November 3, 2009

There are quite a few enhancements made to SharePoint Designer 2010.  This is truly a Enterprise tool now with some great improvements.  Here are some of the highlights…

  • Ribbon – As with everything else 2010 related, SPD now has the ribbon when editing.  For some this is good news, others, not so much.  personally, I like the ribbon interface and am happy to have it.
  • UI improvements – there are quite a few UI improvements, for example, when creating a workflow, the actions now use auto-complete to get you to the action faster ( Ex:  type “ema” and you will see the option of “Email”
    • Email Activity – You now get a real HTML editor when you use the ‘email’ action to send an email out.
  • External Content Types – Allows you to design connections to external data sources.  You can even create the full CRUD ( Create, Read, Update, Delete) interfaces.  Then the content is renders in SharePoint lists for users to interact with.  Very powerful! 
    • For the ITPros – You can manage the ECT via Central Administrator so you can control what can be accessed.
  • Improved Workflows – not only are there more actions, but the you can create the workflows by importing Visio 2010 diagrams!
    • but wait… there’s more… you can then export your SPD workflow as a WSP and open it in Visual Studio 2010 for more detailed tweaking! 
    • Still more…  because the workflows are now solution packages, they can be reusable, meaning they are no longer tied to one list, they can be associated to other lists as well.
    • Site Workflows – You can now create workflows for events at the site level, such as deleting a list or library!
  • XSLTListView – the new list view/Data View web part – gives you the power of the DVWP for rendering your list information.  if you are an XSLT wizard, you will be able to do a lot with this new web part!
  • Site permissions – Managing site permissions is improved so it is easier now.  Some say easier to do in SPD than in the browser now.  🙂
  • Site Templates – Now you can save your site templates as WSP’s instead of STP’s!  Very nice!!

There is much more to come, so stay tuned!

UPDATE!!!!  – Here is a link to the product teams post giving you a real nice into to SharePoint Designer




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Speaking at Code Camp

Posted by Brian Gough on September 5, 2009

I will be presenting a Hands-On-Lab at this years Code Camp on October 10, 2009.

Lab Description – Tired of the same old display page or edit page that you get with SharePoint? Would you like to be able to control what fields can be edited or highlight a particular field? This Hands-On-Lab will walk you through how to use SharePoint Designer to create your own custom display page and edit page, and show you how to set your custom pages as the defaults used by your list. This is a great way to learn how to get more from your lists and improve the overall User Experience.

This is a 300 level course using SharePoint Designer

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Code Camp – Spring 2009

Posted by Brian Gough on February 28, 2009

Ahhhh…. spring is in the air. The trees are blooming, the cardinals are returning, and the geeks are gathering! Time for another Code Camp!!
The Enterprise Developers Guild is getting geared up for our latest day of FREE training and presentations ( and food of course! ).
Camp will be held on March 28th. Check out the site for more information –

I will be giving a couple of presentations, most likely. One on the mobile capabilities of SharePoint and I am going to couple that with the new Microsoft Tag technologies. . Some really coo technology to use for smart phones. I great way to get your web site, CV, audio files or whatever else, on to folks smart phones quickly and easily.

Pretty cool stuff!

I may also be presenting on how to make your SharePoint site a bit more secure leveraging SharePoint designer and its Administrative features.

Make it if you can. It’s always a good time and filled with great content!!

See you there!

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